Rocket Tech R3

Rocket Tech R3 provides an S3-compatible object service similar
to Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage.

Go to Rocket Tech R3

Access R3 from Web Browser
R3 Web Interface

Use any S3-compatible storage application:

Backup to R3
CloudBerry Backup
Duplicati (free)

Browse R3 Buckets
CloudBerry Explorer for S3 (free)
S3 Browser (free)

Map a Drive to R3
S3 Drive (free)
CloudBerry Drive
TNT Drive

Typical S3 Application Configuration:

Access key:[your-access-key]
Secret key:[your-secret-key]
Use SSL:Yes
Use native multipart upload:Yes
Signature version:2 or 4

Usage Based Pricing
Ideal for backups and content sharing

Storage:$0.023 per GB per month
Data transfer in:$0.00 per GB
Data transfer out:$0.09 per GB
Requests:$0.0004 per 1,000 requests

Flat Rate Pricing
Ideal for personal use and drive mapping

250 GB for $2.99/month
500 GB for $4.99/month
1 TB for $9.99/month

Gab Pay and Bitcoin preferred. Other methods available upon request.

Client Configuration

1) On the menu, go to Add Storage Account

2) Choose S3 Compatible

3) Enter account details:
     Access Key: (your-access-key)
     Secret Key: (your-secret-key)
     Service Point:

4) Use the Bucket Name dropdown to create a new bucket or choose an existing bucket

1) On the menu, go to Accounts --> Add new account

2) Enter account details:
     Account Type: S3 Compatible Storage
     REST Endpoint:
     Access Key: (your-access-key)
     Secret Key: (your-secret-key)
     Use Secure Transfer (SSL/TLS): Checked

1) Go to Drive --> New

2) Enter drive details:
     Drive Lettter: R:
     Drive Name: (this will display in Windows Explorer)

3) Click the three dots next to 'Provider'

4) Click 'New' next to the provider list:
     Provider: Rocket Tech R3
     Endpoint Format:

5) Click 'New' next to the region list
     Region: us-west
     Display Name: US West

6) Click OK to return to the drive details

7) Enter the remaining account details:
     Provider: Rocket Tech R3
     Region: US West
     Access Key: (your-access-key)
     Secret Key: (your-secret-key)
     Bucket: (select a bucket from the list)

Managing R3 Data
Coming soon!